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A boiler is a highly efficient and versatile piece of heating equipment. Marx Mechanical Contracting in Uxbridge has professional knowledgeable boiler technicians able to answer all your questions about boiler sizing, pricing and system configurations.

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If you’re looking for a reliable, professional, quality job at a great price then I would strongly recommend Marx Mechanical. Their level of service was second to none from the time they came out to quote to the moment they left site (even offering after service advice and guidance). No hidden charges, no BS just great service and workmanship.

  • – Daniel W.

I was looking for a timely callback and appointment to fix my boiler that controls heating my home and supplies our hot water. Marx Mechanical delivered. I received a quick reply phone call and they were able to see me that morning, even quicker than promised. The service person was able to determine the source of the problem and make the needed repairs right away. In my conversations with the repair person I felt that he knew his stuff and provided a lot of helpful information. They have earned my trust and I will continue to call on them when needed.

– Dave M.


Marx Mechanical Contracting should be everyone’s first call if they are in need for anything HVAC. Both Mark and his crew are punctual, reliable, and offer an extremely great service for a good price. They helped me with my boiler, highly recommend!

– Ruben D.B.


Boiler Unit

Choosing Your Boiler Installer

Having a professionally installed boiler system will help to keep your mechanical room neat and organized. You’ll find that we offer competitive pricing and we always add additional value with the Marx Quality Guarantee. Boiler systems can be complicated heating systems and must be installed by experienced boiler technicians.

We carry multiple makes and models of the leading manufacturers high efficiency boilers, such as:

Previous Boiler Work

Boiler Types

Did you know modern condensing boilers operate much more efficiently and take up a fraction of the space as the old beast sitting on your basement floor?

Conventional boilers

A traditional boiler uses a heat exchanger and storage tanks to send hot water to radiators throughout your home. The temperature you set on your thermostat will change the amount of water being used by the radiators to release heat.

Conventional boilers are very effective at providing enough hot water and heating capacity to your home.

The downside of this type of boiler is that it tends to take up a lot of space.


high efficiency boilers

A high efficiency boiler introduces a condenser into the heat exchanger process to capture and use as much of the energy as possible to heat the water. The high efficiency boiler effectively internalizes the ‘stack temperature’, which in another method of increasing the units efficiency.

High efficiency boilers operate more efficiently than conventional units, and require less space in your home.

Talk to us if you think a high efficiency boiler is right for you!

combi boilers

Combi boilers are a space-saver compared to other types of boilers. With no need for storage tanks, the combi boiler makes use of a dual heat-exchanger system to heat your home’s water and rooms. These high capacity stainless steel heat exchangers make on-demand hot water a dream come true.

Combi boilers offer a compact form factor and highly efficient operation.

However, with no storage tanks, boilers should be subject to regular maintenance similar to all heating equipment.  Regular boiler maintenance helps to reduce the possibility of breakdowns. Don’t worry, just reach out to us!

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Marx Comfort Club

Predictably Comfortable:

Preventative maintenance for your home comfort equipment provides peace of mind, reliability, and a continuous detailed history of each component.



Preventive Heating Maintenance
  • Electrical Wiring & Components
  • Condensate Lines & Collector Box
  • Burner
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Blower Assembly
  • Inducer Motor
  • Pressure Switches
  • Venting Connections & Terminations
  • Flame Sensor & Ignitor
  • Combustion Analysis (Flue & Supply Air)
  • Gas Pressure (Inlet & Manifold)
  • Motor Voltage & Amp Draw
  • Temperature Rise
  • Blower Wheel
  • Burner Assembly
  • Condensate Piping

MARX Arctic


Preventive Cooling Maintenance
  • Furnace Blower Assembly
  • Evaporator Drain Piping
  • Condenser Coil
  • Electrical Wiring & Components
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Refrigerant Piping & Valves
  • Compressor
  • Motor/Compressor Voltage & Amp Draw
  • Refrigerant Pressures
  • Measure Superheat/Subcooling to ensure refrigerant charge
  • Delta T
  • Condenser Coil
  • Condensate Drain Piping

MARX True Canadian


Complete Heating & Cooling Preventative Maintenance

Emergency Boiler Repair

Urgent Help when you need it most

We understand the stress of finding out your boiler isn’t heating your home or water properly… Or at all.

We have emergency boiler repair services in Uxbridge and surrounding areas for situations like these. Our team can service our customers facing emergency boiler issues immediately.

If you’ve already ‘turned it off-and-on again‘ and are still having boiler issues – Don’t wait, call, text or message Marx Mechanical now!

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Performing a Combustion Analysis During Heating Maintenance
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Boiler Repairs & Service

Did you know that natural draft boilers required a combustion analysis annually?
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