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Do you find yourself checking the thermostat constantly because you don’t know why the temperature feels so hot even though your air conditioner is running? Is it feeling humid in your house? Is your system making a terrible noise and you’re worried you will lose your A/C in the middle of the night or over the weekend? Have no fear as Marx Mechanical is here to help!

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York Air Conditioners

Most Popular Household Air Conditioning Units by York

YCD 13 SEER Single Stage Air Conditioner

YCD 13 SEER Single Stage Air Conditioner

Optimized for Canadian climates!

Reliable operation proven in our extreme, 5 year accelerated-wear test facility.

Environmentally friendly – CFC-free R-410A refrigerant delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion.

YCG 17 SEER Single Stage Air Conditioner

YCG 17 SEER Single Stage Air Conditioner

Long-lasting, powder-coat paint provides a durable, automative- quality finish.

Durable, steel-extruded louver coil guards provide protection against coil damage.

Environmentally friendly – CFC-free R-410A refrigerant delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion.

YXT 19 SEER Two Stage Air Conditioner

YXT 19 SEER Two Stage Air Conditioner

Up to 19.75 SEER efficiency and ENERGY STAR® performance.

Two-stage compressor provides quiet and efficient operation, and a compact footprint allows the unit to fit in smaller spaces.

1,000-hour, salt-spray rated, powder-paint finish provides ultimate protection.


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Air ConditionER Types

Central Air COnditioning

The most common form of air conditioning for residential applications in Ontario. 

Comprised of a condenser outside the home and evaporator inside, tied into your central ductwork.


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Ductless Air Conditioner
(Also known as Mini Split)

Ductless air conditioners are great options for cooling spaces where there is no ductwork. Ductless air conditioners consist of one or more indoor heads connected by refrigeration line sets to an outdoor condenser.

Ductless air conditioners have the option to be cooling only or they can also provide both heating and cooling from the same unit (also known as a heat pump as defined below)

heat pumps

A heat pump is basically the same as a ductless split and they can even look exactly the same; the distinction is that a heat pump is most commonly defined by units that provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps have many configurations including central heat pump systems (ducted), Variable Refrigerant Flow heat pumps, multi and single heat splits systems).

There is commonly some cross over lingo between ductless, mini splits and heat pumps. Ultimately they are all heat pump technology with various functionality to allow for an extremely versatile product offering for heating and cooling almost any size space, home or office.

Mounted heat pump
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Inspect. Determine Issue. Repair or replace!

Our Marx technicians are trained in finding the root of the problem and providing you with the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient solution. We start the process by scheduling a time to check out your AC unit. It could be something easily replaceable like a clogged air filter or something more complex like electrical issues or leaking refrigerant. Whether it’s a quick repair or needing a brand new unit, we want to help set up your HVAC system so that it will last you for years to come and you can get back to feeling comfortable in your home.

We are York Certified

Comfort Experts

Since 1874, YORK has been keeping families comfortable in homes across the country. The latest generation of air conditioning units deliver remarkable efficiency, proven reliability and warranties that lead the industry. Some of the benefits of York Air Conditioners are listed below:

Benefits of a York Air Conditioner

Benefits of a York A/C System

Quiet Operation

With quiet, direct-drive fan designs that minimizes vibration and sound, YORK® home air conditioners deliver comfort and quiet operation.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Dependable, high-efficient YORK® AC units can save you money on energy and maintenance costs over the long-term.


Reliable Support

Our Certified Comfort Expert™ Contractors make sure your new AC unit is installed and serviced correctly from day one.


Confidence Guaranteed

Built to world-class quality standards and backed by industry-leading warranties, YORK® air conditioners deliver both comfort and peace of mind.

Emergency A/C Repair

Urgent Help When Life is Getting Hot

Discovering that your air conditioner is no longer cooling your home as it should is never a good surprise.

We offer emergency air conditioner repair services in Uxbridge and surrounding areas for situations just like this. Our HVAC repair team can service our customers who are facing emergency air conditioner problems issues right away.

If you’ve already ‘turned it off-and-on again‘ and are still having A/C issues – Don’t hesitate, call, text or message Marx Mechanical now!

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Air Conditioner Repairs & Service

If you are looking for air conditioning service, repairs, sales, or installation in the Uxbridge area, please contact Marx Mechanical Contracting:

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