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Top 5 Reasons to Get a Professional HVAC Tune-Up

All Mechanical Systems Require Regular Maintenance When it comes to saving money, there is a short-term view and long-term view. Most of the time, it’s easier to make decisions that would mean being able to save money when you see what something costs up front. That’s a good thing! You get to keep some money […]

Signs that Your AC Is Not Functioning Properly

Can You Tell if Your Air Conditioner is Broken? A brand-new air conditioner is great! It keeps your home cool and does so consistently. Good quality air conditioners can be at peak performance for years. This gives you that cool and clean air even when it’s sweltering outside. However, over time and due to various […]

Heat Pumps – What You Need to Know

Heat Pumps Are More Common Than You Think. There are a range of options when you’re looking for heating or cooling systems to match your home, budget, and location. If your household is not suitable for centralized ductwork or you don’t want to have bulkheads installed in your living space, you might want to consider […]

The Importance of Air Filtration

Increase Your Air Quality in Uxbridge. More often than not, we worry about the quality of air outside but did you know that indoor air can be just as––or sometimes even more polluted? Activities such as cooking, smoking, and compounding factors such as dust, pet dander, and mold spores can affect the indoor air quality. […]

5 Signs that Your Furnace Needs Repair

Does your furnace need a little T.L.C., Uxbridge? Your furnace is essential to keeping a comfortable temperature inside your home, and the safety of your home may very well depend on a properly functioning furnace. While there are some ways to troubleshoot your heating system, there are just some situations where booking a routine furnace […]

Fantasy of Lights festival

Happy new year! Despite the current world climate and otherwise challenging times for everyone, there are numerous reasons to smile, and the Uxbridge Fantasy of Lights was a great way to lift your spirits during the holiday season. Last year, we had our own installation in the Fantasy of Lights festival! On top of that, […]

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Filter

Different Types of Air Cleaners and Filters The most common filters found in a typical residential HVAC system are mechanical air filters removing physical particles (dust, dander and lint) from the air. When it comes to air cleaners, different types serve different purposes and match certain heating or cooling systems. They also vary in the […]

Performing a Combustion Analysis During Heating Maintenance

Comfort goes hand in hand with safety. Performing a Combustion Analysis During Heating Maintenance is essential and by making sure everything is working properly guarantees the health of your heating system and the safety of your home or building and further ensures  that your heating system remains in tip-top shape! What is a Combustion Analysis? […]